• 3 Days – 85€
  • 1 Week – 165€
  • 2 Weeks – 290€
  • Extra day – 20€
  • Deposit – 150€


/3 Days


  • 3 Days – 65€
  • 1 Week – 135€
  • 2 Weeks – 240€
  • Extra day – 15 €
  • Deposit – 150€


/3 Days


  • 3 Days – 25€
  • 1 Week – 49€
  • 2 Weeks – 89€
  • Extra day – 5 €
  • Deposit – 100€


/3 Days


  • 3 Days – 40€
  • 1 Week – 75€
  • 2 Weeks – 135€
  • Extra day – 16€
  • Deposit – 120€


/3 Days


  • 3 Days – 22€
  • 1 Week – 48€
  • 2 Weeks – 85€
  • Extra day – 5€
  • Deposit – 75€


/3 Days

What is north walking?

Is a total body version of walking that can be enjoyed both by non-athletes as a health promoting phisical activity and by athletes as a sport. The activity is performed with specially designed by wlking poles similar to ski poles. Look by yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKTufkzpo8E


The answer is simple, yes you can. Not many people are fully aware of the fact that there is a new company in Sal (ourselves) that rent out mobility scooters and children strollers to the guests who might need it to move without effort during their holidays inside their resorts.

Close to you

In case that you need assistance about our products during your stay in Sal or Boavista, do not hesitate to call us, this way we can help you personally as soon as possible

All Repairs Included

Renting your scooter from Cabo Mobility Zone takes away all the hassle and worries normally associated with owning a scooter or a way-out stroller as we take care of all maintenance and repairs for you.

Free Delivery

Your scooter or stroller will be delivered at your hotel Resort by Cabo Mobility Zone professional staff who will teach you how everything works.

Liability insurance

Cabo Mobility Zone includes liability insurance during your rental to provide you protection. Our dedicated team will assist you to resolve issues remotely or on site, to get you quickly on your way.

Premium Support

We will help you to clear up questions and many others that you might have about renting a mobility scooter or stroller from us when you stay in Sal or Boavista

Pay on Delivery

You can make your reservation through your Tour Operator,  our website, via e-mail, by telephone directly with us, or  through our Facebook page. Book now and pay on delivery.



  • Next day & Weekend deliveries available
  • Short term rentals starting from 1 day onwards
  • We have special prices for long term renting
  • Book now and pay on scooters or strollers delivery.
  • We deliver our scooters and batteries in good condition as well as the strollers
  • insurance and taxes already included in our prices


At Cabo Mobility Zone, we all come to work every day because we want you to have the holidays of your life. Everybody else but people with reduced mobility or parents who have to take their children through CHALLENGING TERRAINS take for granted the access to the beauties of our world.

That is why you are our reason to exist!

Let our passion for worry-free accessible vacations take the stress out of planning your travel and let us help open up the world to you.

Cabo Mobility Zone is not only committed to providing you with the mobility equipment to help you to move around your vacation resort. We are also committed to ensuring your happiness and confort reducing distances.

Mobility Scooter


  • To ensure an easy, comfortable and accessible stay in Cape Verde
  • Improve your vacation experience
  • Remove barriers of distance
  • Professional assistance and punctual delivery of equipment


Why would I need a mobility scooter in Sal?

Many of the older generation or reduced mobility persons manage just fine at home without any help, but they do not find the same comfort or offers on the destinies chosen to spend their holidays, so they opt for a mobility scooter to take the weight of their feet to really enjoy their stay.

Are there any areas more suitable than others for the less abled?

Actually, our scooters are offered to mobile inside the big resorts of the island. Taking into account the size of the hotels and their facilities, our scooters are used to reach all the resorts areas comfortably regardless of your room location.  With the scooter is possible to get as close as possible to the beach, going to the resorts restaurants, bars, pools, without making a big effort as it would be by walking. If you do have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to ask.

Is hiring a scooter better than bringing my own?

If you bring your own mobility scooter these could be the issues that you might find:

Extra baggage cost flying your scooter to the holiday destiny.

Not having the possibility of taking your scooter to Cape Verde because most of the airlines don’t allow transportation of Lithium battery as the ones in the electrical scooter.

Damage in transit. Take into account that most of the airlines obligate their passengers to disassemble their scooters to carry them on their plane hold.

Incorrect assembly on arrival that can cause temporal or permanent damage in your scooter.                                                                                                                                    Lack of spare parts in case of fault in your scooter, because in Boavista Island it does not exit any store with scooters replacement.

All this issues involve an important risk in bringing your scooter

By renting with us, all of these worries are taken away. If there is any issue with the rented scooter, we can just replace it. We are just a phone call away.

What models of scooter do you have?

On this moment we offer you two scooters models.
GK-8 Model. 4 wheels scooter, light-handed and very manageable.
GK-10 Model. 4 wheels scooter, more comfortable and with more autonomy
Manual model.

Do you rent double scooters?

No, we don’t. They are illegal in most parts of Europe and there is currently a great deal of debate as to whether they should be allowed, and even if they are insured. Many hotels have even banned them from their receptions due to their size, speed and the fact they are not mobility scooters. Whilst they do have a small number of pros, unfortunately, the cons do greatly outweigh them due to safety reasons, so we would not recommend them in any way and we would warn you against using companies that do rent them out.

What if I am unsure which product is suitable for me, or if I have any other questions?

We are here to help you. If you have any questions our experienced staff can help and guide you – they also speak several languages, besides English. All you have to do is email us to this e-mail address info@cabomobilityzone.com, call us to 00238 9243737 international telephone number, to 9243737 if you are already in Cape Verde, or send us a Whatsapp to the same number. Opening hours: 9:00-18:00.

How and when do I book?

It is always better to book as soon as you can to guarantee the availability of the scooter. You can book by the e-mail address or telephone that you can find on the previous question. There is nothing to pay before you come, and you pay only when you receive the scooter. You can cancel the booking without any charge up to 2 days before the date of delivery.

Need help? Call our support team at +00238 9570550


Choose your product

ShopRider GX10

ShopRider GX10

ShopRider GX10

Baby Stroller

Nordic Walk


Delivery Date

Return Date







Special Requirement


The main hotels in Sal have a large area. In this gallery you can see the distances between different points of the hotels.


Read our general terms and conditions before making your reservation.

What else do I need to hire a scooter or stroller?

When hiring our products, all we need is your passport number and that’s it. You can either pay by cash (euros or local currency is accepted), Visa, MasterCard directly in the hotel where you stay. Payments with credit card involve a commission of 2.5%.
In both payments modalities deposit is required, and returned to you once the service is finished without inconveniences.
The mobility scooter must be charged every night overnight in a secure, dry place (mostly the hotel receptions).

What are the minimum and maximum hire periods?

Our minimum rental period is three days, and our maximum is for as long as you decide. Depending on the duration of the renting period, we can offer you better prices.

Do you deliver to me or do I have to come to you?

We deliver it in the hotel where you spend your holidays in Boavista. By booking and confirming in advance with your Tour Operator or directly with us, you will have the guarantee of having the scooter during your holidays. By renting it once you arrive, we cannot give you the guarantee, because we are subject to the availability of the item. Even though we will do our best to please your request.

What if the scooter gets damaged?

When we deliver your scooter to you, we will give you full instructions on how to use it, what is permitted and what is not. By providing you these instructions, and by following them by yourselves, you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes there are minor bumps or scratches, which are inevitable. We request you to tell us to use the deposit to cover the damage if it’s necessary.

If you do seriously damage to the scooter, or you are involved in an accident with police report, then it must be reported to us straight away on our 24-hour emergency number +238 9243737 by calling us or sending us a Whatsapp

What about insurance?

Cabo Mobility Zone has civil responsibility insurance as all proper businesses have here in Boavista. However, there can be instances where the client has totally ignored our instructions and caused damage to the scooter, themselves or other property, due to their own negligence. In these circumstances, most people have travel insurance, which they can claim on if they have an accident.
Cabo Mobility Zone hopes that these tips are helpful for you. As we say at the start of this information, if you do have any further questions you’d like to ask or something that could be better explained, please contact us, thank you!

We are here to help you. If you have any questions our experienced staff can help and guide you – they also speak several languages, besides English


Rua 15 de Agosto, Cidade de Santa Maria. Isla de Sal, Cabo Verde.